Dream Room

In Dream Room we aim to provide a loving and caring environment for the children to explore.

The Dream Room caters for children between the ages of 0-2 years. We can accommodate 12 children per day and have 4 educators. 

Our main priority is to help our children to settle and feel comfortable with us, their educators. We strive to have positive relationships with the children and families by having open communication and respect for each other. We promote positive, comforting and nurturing relationships with children and get to know their interests which enables us to support their development.

We believe that each child is unique in their own way. We know that each child is different and has different needs, therefore our goal is to provide a learning environment that accommodates all children in the room and that meets each child’s needs.

We believe that having the choice of indoor and outdoor play at all times is very important for our children to extend their learning and to give everyone space to explore and extend children’s physical and emotional growth.

Hope Room

In the Hope Room, we acknowledge and value the development of each child.

The Hope Room caters for children between the ages of 18 months to 2 years. We can accommodate up to 16 children per day and have 5 educators.

We believe that the early years of a child are vital as development during this stage is rapid.

Early years education plays an important role in the development of a child and meeting his/her current needs as well as shaping their future.

As early childhood educators we believe in providing high quality early years education and care. We believe this can be achieved by creating a physical environment that is safe, secure and supported at all times while being flexible and adaptable to the needs of each child. We believe that children come to understand more about the world around them through their play and experiences.

We believe in diversity and in the inclusion of each child’s culture. We believe that each child is unique and that it is important to provide a wide variety of open-ended resources within the environment to give each child the opportunity to explore, investigate, create and learn by participating confidently with other children and also with their educators.

We believe in the importance of working in partnerships with families. This enables us to form strong, respectful bonds, which allows us to share knowledge and work collaboratively for the benefit of the child.

Inspire Room

The Educators in the Inspire room take pride in providing a healthy, safe, secure, positive, home-like environment for all children and their families.

The Inspire Room caters for children between the ages of 2-3 years. We can accommodate 16 children per day and have 5 educators.

We believe each child is different and has different needs, therefore we aim to create a learning environment that is inclusive of all children in the room.

We guide and respect children as competent, capable and active participants in their learning and development. We support children’s learning by observing their interests, their involvement in the program and by listening to their ideas. We are then able to extend their learning by introducing new experiences, new knowledge and encouraging development of new skills.

We believe that it is important for the children to have access to indoor/outdoor play at all times. We provide all children with time and space for unhurried, unstructured free play outdoors in our natural environment that inspires curiosity and nurtures their mind, body and soul.

Kindness Room

In the Kindness Room we believe that the early years form the foundation for lifelong learning. We value each child as a unique individual and aim to support their learning and development, specific to their needs.

The Kindness Room caters for children between the ages of 2.5-3.5 years. We can accommodate 16 children per day and have 5 educators.

Our educators provide a happy, relaxed and secure environment to ensure every child feels safe. We aim to stimulate each child’s interest to learn to enable them to grow and develop to their fullest potential. Our Educators communicate with children in an open, honest manner and ensure that the child’s perspective is regarded as unique and special.

A sense of belonging and comfort is provided by sensitive and caring educators that view each child and their family’s needs individually, and who teach understanding and acceptance of all children.

Courage Room

We operate our 3 year kindergarten program in the Courage Room.  We believe that the environment we provide and the relationships with our families are important factors in ensuring the best possible outcomes for our children.

The Courage Room caters for children enrolled in 3 year old kinder. We can accommodate 22 children per day and have 3 educators.

Our room is set up to create an inviting and stimulating play space, with age appropriate activities that challenge the children in their development. We support the children to develop creativity, imagination and experimentation. We promote and encourage a sense of kindness, tolerance and inclusiveness within the children. The children’s ideas are listened to and their interests are incorporated into the room’s program.

We enjoy collaborating with our families to gain an understanding of each family’s beliefs, cultural diversity and the development of their child. We provide regular feedback to our families about their child’s learning and experiences they have participated in.

We believe it is important to offer stimulating learning environments that play an integral role in promoting children’s learning. These environments include a wide variety of purposeful, open ended, natural, play based learning experiences and materials that allow children to have long periods of uninterrupted play.

Friendship Room

In the Friendship room we have an open-ended, play based program as we believe play is the optimum way children learn in early childhood.

The Friendship Room caters for children between the ages of 3-5 years who do not attend either our 3 or 4 year old kindergarten programs. We can accommodate 22 children and have 3 educators.

All children are supported to reach their full potential, feeling both safe and challenged. Educators work as a collaborative team to facilitate children’s learning through open-ended discussions and by responding to children’s ideas and interests. Educators take advantage of spontaneous learning opportunities that arise naturally each day and incorporate these into the program. Our Educators regularly engage with families regarding their child’s progress and current/future goals.

Educators view and respect children as competent and capable. Some of the important skills Educators encourage the children to develop are independence, persistence, resilience, tolerance, problem solving and respect.

Discover Room

In the Discover room we celebrate and embrace each child’s unique personality while supporting them in their learning journey.

The Discover Room caters for children enrolled in 4 year old kinder. We can accommodate 22 children per day and have 3 educators.  Our kindergarten program operates from Tuesday to Friday from 8am-4:30pm with long daycare provided outside of these hours (including Mondays).

Educators in the Discover room prioritise child led learning and the gaining of knowledge through research, investigation and experimentation.  The program has a focus on early literacy and numeracy and the development of skills that will enable children to have a smooth transition to Primary School.

Our outdoor learning environment incorporates a vegetable garden and a fruit tree orchard.  Educators involve the children in the process of growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables to be used in cooking experiences.  Our outdoor area also encompasses a large open grassy area suitable for ball, group and running games. The children are encouraged to use our open ended natural resources in imaginative and creative play. The children are supported to enjoy outdoor play in all weather.   A large undercover outdoor deck enables an additional space for learning all year round.

The Centre uses a natural bush area on the TCF property to operate a bush kinder program.  The children are encouraged to play only with the natural resources available during time spent in this area.  The children are involved in exploration, nature craft, flora and fauna identification, construction of cubbies and are encouraged to develop respect for the natural environment.

The Discover Room is also our Kinder Room. Find out more about our Kinder program here >>