At Torquay Early Learning Centre, educators are committed to providing a caring, safe and home like environment that enhances every child’s learning and personal growth.

Torquay Early Learning Centre (TeLC) is committed to providing a quality service which is guided by a philosophy that has been developed in collaboration with our educators, families and Committee of Management
TeLC values and acknowledges that each child is a unique individual, capable of making decisions which affect themselves and their journey through life. Our programming for each child is based on the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) which fosters their learning, development and wellbeing. TeLC is a Child Safe Organisation. We strive to create a nurturing, inclusive environment which allows children to feel safe and valued at all times.

Our Educators value the importance of genuine, respectful and trusting relationships with children and their families to maximise each child’s creativity, learning opportunities and aspirations. We acknowledge that children are nurtured and educated first by their family and we respect the diversity within family cultures. We endeavour to work in partnership with families to ensure consistency between home and care.

TeLC believes that indoor and outdoor environments play an important role in children’s learning. Our indoor environments are well resourced and developmentally appropriate for each child’s needs. Our play spaces encourage curiosity and extend on our play based curriculum. Our natural outdoor play spaces include purposeful and open ended play based experiences and materials. We encourage all children to be active participants in their learning through exploration, risky play, problem solving and connecting with nature. TeLC acknowledges the importance of embedding sustainable practices into our program by educating the children, using recycled materials, growing our own gardens and composting any green waste.

TeLC offers staff a culture of respect, integrity and professionalism, where educators and staff are recognised and valued for their individual strengths and abilities. Through critical reflection, professional development and research, each Educator and staff member is supported and empowered to continue to embrace learning.

TeLC respects the culture of all people and believes in celebrating all cultures including Australia as our home country and the Wadawurrung people as the original custodians of our land. We uphold the rights of all children to have their cultures, identities, abilities, and strengths acknowledged and valued. We advocate for each child in accordance with Early Childhood Code of Ethics and the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child.

TeLC believes that strong links with the local community provide children with meaningful learning experiences that are relevant to their lives. Through collaborative relationships with the local community, children are able to understand and embrace their place within society.