Cultural inclusion

The programs in all our rooms promote cultural safety for Aboriginal children, cultural safety for children from culturally diverse, linguistically diverse, gender diverse backgrounds and ensuring a safe environment for children with a disability.  Our programs embed developmentally appropriate experiences that show value and respect of Aboriginal culture.  We embrace the cultures of all families and staff and invite them to share and celebrate their culture within the Centre.


Community connection

We value our local community and have strong relationships with a range of local services.  Our location within Torquay gives us great accessibility to visit places such as nature play locations, the local library, fire station, aged care facilities and our local schools as we support the children to become life-long learners.



At TeLC we believe in educating children about being environmentally responsible.  This is promoted through child focused daily practices, resources and interactions.  Sustainable practices are encouraged throughout the Centre as we work towards the children becoming advocates for a sustainable future.


Music and movement program

Happy Feet is a fun program that is based around children’s health and fitness whilst promoting confidence and self esteem. Each class is a themed adventure with original music, magic, colourful props and awesome costumes which capture the children’s imaginations and ensures the classes are fun as well as educational.

Fitness isn’t just for adults; children need and enjoy it too. That’s why Happy Feet Fitness classes help your children stay healthy by bouncing to the beat and moving their feet.

Happy Feet Fitness encourages children to make healthy choices in all aspects of their life!