Inspire Room

Our 2-3 Rooms

2 year olds are such an amazing age & it is a wondrous time of a child’s life.…. Have you ever watched the joy and amazement in a toddler’s face, the first time they see a rainbow made with a running hose & how they laugh and jump in awe….

We have two 2-3 age rooms, our Inspire & Kindness Rooms. These are busy rooms, as there is so much to explore, discover & learn at this age!! Educators create many open ended experiences to keep our active toddlers engaged and ready to learn. Incorporating imaginative play, art, dance, music, blocks, puzzles, books, outdoor play, water play……the learning through play is endless!!

This age can also set a few challenges, with developmental transitions as toilet training & social skills, such as sharing and consideration of others. Educators are always here to listen, encourage families and give advice about any topics in which they may need assistance.