Courage Room

Our 3-5 Room

Our Courage Room provides great opportunities for our children to grow as active learners. Creating environments where children can learn both in both small and large group experiences.

Incorporating natural materials into all aspects of the program, such as vegie and herb gardens, composting & worm farms and centre pets. We guide the children’s learning to care for the environment & an appreciation of the world around them.

An abundance of open-ended experiences, allows this age group to make choices about their interests and staff actively work along children to extend on their learning outcomes.

Messy play, is discover and imagination in action….. We love mud, clay, water, paint, glue & play dough, (just to mention a few!)

Integrating Day Care experiences & home life is encouraged. We love when the children and families share about something special they have done at home, such as a holiday or a family celebration. Educators love to extend on these shared experiences and incorporated them into the children’s program, giving your child a sense of participation & belonging.

We encourage family participation too, so if someone in your household plays an instrument or has a special skill they would love to share, the children and staff are always happy to invite you to the Courage Room.