Friendship Room

Our 4-6 Room

The Friendship room hosts our 4 year old government funded Kindergarten program integrated with long day care.

The programs in this room is to build on each child’s self- esteem and confidence. As this is the year leading up to school, the educators promote a program to enhance independence and self-help skills.  We encourage children to make positive choices within their peer groups and to interact with in both small and large group experiences.

We strive to apply a curriculum that enhances the children’s cognitive and problem solving skills, through discovery, as well as, educators extending the children’s curiosity through research, extending the children’s knowledge.

A focus on literacy and numbers are incorporated into the program, to prepare the children for their transition for school.

Our program encourages physical activity and movement each day, allowing the children to have the opportunity to have free play in our extensive outdoor natural play areas.

The program will also run both incursions and excursions throughout the year for all the children to participate in.